Navara Eco Farm is situated on the banks of river “Shokanashini” (destroyer of sorrows) at Chittur of Palakkad district, Kerala, India. Navara Eco Farm is a family farm which is more than 115 years old. P. Narayanan Unny of the third generation is running the farm now. Unny’s father Shri M.Ramachandra Menon (MRC Menon) managed the farm for sixty years of his life and developed the farm. Shri. M. Kelukutty Menon, elder brother of Shri. MRC Menon, was one of the first Rice Specialists at Rice Research Station, Pattambi. This combination of an elder brother Rice Specialist (Agriculture Scientist) and younger brother, keen practicing farmer, helped in developing the farm systematically.


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“Navara – a medicinal rice, is one of the native genetic resources of Kerala, famed for its use in Ayurveda. As it seems to have originated in a limited area and has not spread appreciably (as its cultivation and use is confined to Kerala), it can be considered as endemic crop (Harlan, 1975)” Ref: * * In the thesis 1996 on “Effect of different inputs on productivity and quality relations in Navara” by Meera V. Menon, College of Horticulture, Vellanikkara, Thrissur, Kerala.

ASTANGA SAMGRAHA OF VAGBHATA (4th century AD approx) (page 116) – Translation from Sanskrit Sastika (the paddy which matures in 60 days) is best among the paddys, is unctuous, easily digestible, sweet, mitigates all the three doshas, stays long inside the body (alimentary tract), cold in potency; it is of two kinds – gaura (white) and asita – gaura (blackish – white)